My name is Yves Rosius. As a tech-enthusiast, I like to tinker with lots of technologies. Exploring and collaborating on several subjects keeps me on the edge of my computing seat.

I’m especially excited about PowerShell, Cloud computing, and everything Windows.

What’s it about?

Exploration mainly. I really am fond of communicating with others about these topics.

  • PowerShell
  • Office 365
  • Azure
  • Windows
  • Automation and scripting

So the more you guys comment, like and suggest, the more I get ideas 😉 If you got any suggestions, do leave a comment in the box under the articles.

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And a little bit about myself…

Cycling and tech mostly. That means even my pedals have to be charged with USB 🙂

Check out my LinkedIn profile here. And Instagram for the photo lovers.

I also like to type 3 dots for some obscure reason…